How to Download Facebook Videos in any Browser

Facebook has now become so popular that some people have started to ask for your FB instead of your phone number. Many people upload their family pictures and videos to facebook and share them with everyone. But unlike the pictures shared on facebook, the facebook videos are not downloadable. Sure there are browser plugins and video download software for helping you in downloading the facebook videos, but they do not work for all the browsers or operating systems. If you want to download facebook videos from any browser in any operating system, then you can follow these simple instructions :

  1. Open the facebook page for the video which you want to download. Copy the webpage address from the address bar of your web browser.

    Download Facebook Videos

  2. Visit the website and paste the facebook video URL, that you copied in the first step, into the video link text-field. Then click on the Download button. The DownVids site would query facebook and fetch a download link. You can click on the download link labeled Download this video to start the download.

    Download Facebook Videos

  3. For some people, depending on their PC and browser configuration, clicking on this Download this video button would open the video in the browser. If this happend to you, then you have to right-click on the link and select Save As to download the video. When the video would start to download, you can choose to save it anywhere on your hard disk.

    Download Facebook Videos

  4. Once the video has been downloaded, you can play it in your favorite media player. Most of the facebook videos are in the MP4 format and you may require video codecs to be installed for playing them. If you do not want to install any codecs, then you can use the free VideoLAN VLC Media Player which can play all kinds of media files.

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