Keep Software Up-to-date in Windows Using Free SUMo

SUMo is an acronym for Software Update Monitor – a free software which can help your keep all your installed programs up-to-date. SUMo scans your computer for all the installed programs and checks on the internet if they are the latest versions available. You are also given an option to visit the download link for the latest version directly. SUMo does not automatically update any installed program and gives you more control on how and when you want to update which program.

Here are some of the salient features of SUMo :

  • Automatic detection of installed software on your computer.
  • Detects required updates or patches for your software.
  • Filters beta versions if user wants.
  • Gives freedom to selectively choose programs to update
  • Has support for many languages.

You can download SUMo from the KC Sofwtare website. The download is a ZIP archive containing the portable executable SUMo.exe. You do not need to install it and can run it by just double-clicking on it. SUMo requires internet connection to check for program updates.

When you run SUMo for the first time, a wizard window shall open up with various options like automatically detecting installed software on your PC, reset list of monitored software, check for updates and opening SUMo settings. This wizard window becomes readily available anytime by clicking the F1 button. It is suggested that you click on the Automatically detect installed software button and let it scan your PC.

Software Update Monitor - SUMo

This would make SUMo scan your computer for all the installed programs. It scans various folders on your hard disk, your start menu, desktop and Windows registry for installed software. Other than the Wizard window, you can also force it to scan for installed programs anytime by clicking on the Scan button. Soon the listview in the SUMo will be populated by the programs installed on your computer, their versions and their company names as shown.

Software Update Monitor - SUMo

At this point, you can select a program in the list and click on the Remove or Ignore button to remove or ignore that program from being checked for any updates. If you somehow mistakenly mark a program to be ignored, then you can edit the ignore list and remove it from being ignored. The Ignore list can be accessed from the menubar by selecting Tools → Edit Ignore List or by just pressing the Ctrl + I hotkey.

To check the programs for updates, you can click on the Check button. This would make SUMo connect to the server for any updates or patches for those programs and populate the listbox with the received information as shown.

Software Update Monitor - SUMo

The major updates are marked with an alert icon, the minor updates are marked with a yellow star icon and already up-to-date programs are marked with a green check icon. If you see that an update is available for a program, you can select it by clicking on it in the list and then click on the Get Update button. You can also just double-click on a program in the list. This would open a web browser window and take you to the SUMo page for the update link. The page shows the version of the program that you have currently installed marked user and the latest version as current. You can download the latest version from the link and install it on your system.

Software Update Monitor - SUMo

In the settings of SUMo, you can choose SUMo to start automatically with Windows, check for updates at startup, scan for beta updates, show file path for the detected programs, disable registry scanning for programs and more. You can also choose a user interface language from a list of many supported languages. There is also settings for adding a proxy server but most users will not require it.

The software update monitor – SUMo, is a free and portable software which you can put on a portable USB pen drive and use on any computer you want. It can help you update your installed software – specially those which themselves have no auto-updating modules.

You can download SUMo from