Turn On Flip Ahead Feature in Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer version 10 which comes pre-installed in Windows 8 has a new feature called Flip Ahead. This feature lets you flip a webpage to the next page on websites with Next links like on Google Search. It is very useful on touchscreen devices as you can just flip pages back and forth on a website just like an ebook. This Flip Ahead feature is not enabled in Internet Explorer by default. But here is a quick way to turn it on:

Enable Flip Ahead in Internet Explorer

  1. Press the Windows logo key to switch to Windows Desktop, if you are not already there. Run the Internet Explorer web browser from the Windows desktop taskbar shortcut. Do not launch the fullscreen Internet Explorer App from the Start Screen.
  2. In the Internet Explorer window, you would see a gear like icon near the top-right corner. Click on this gear-like icon and select Internet Options from the menu that appears.

    Enable Flip Ahead in Internet Explorer

  3. In the Internet Options window, select the Advanced tab. It has many options displayed in the listbox. Scroll down until you find the Enable flip ahead option. Check the checkbox labeled Enable flip ahead as shown.

    Enable Flip Ahead in Internet Explorer

  4. Click the OK button to save the settings. Now the flip ahead feature is enabled and ready to use in the Internet Explorer App.

The flip ahead feature is only available in the full screen Internet Explorer app that you launch from the Windows 8 start screen. It is not available in the desktop version of Internet Explorer. This feature fetches the next page of the website in advance, even if you never flip to view it. This may increase your internet bandwidth usage, so you may want to turn flip ahead off if you have a slower connection or limited usage internet account.

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