Convert PDF Files to RTF Format using Free PDF Shaper

The internet is full of freeware and commercial software that claim to generate PDF files from any application. But there are fewer applications that can convert PDF files to other formats. The free Glorylogic PDF Shaper is such a tool that allows you to convert PDF files to the RTF format. After converting PDF to RTF format, you can easily edit them as per your requirements using the Microsoft WordPad which comes with Windows.

You can download Glorylogic PDF Shaper from the Glorylogic software website. The download is a setup file of around five megabytes. After the installation, PDF Shaper is started automatically or you can launch it from its desktop shortcut. The user interface of PDF Shaper is extremely simple. It can be used either in the single file mode or the multiple files mode.

Convert PDF Files to RTF Format using Free PDF Shaper

In the single file mode, you can select the input PDF file, select the output RTF file and choose the number of pages or range of pages that you want to convert. After this you can just click on the Convert button to start the conversion.

In the multiple files mode, you can drag and drop the PDF files onto the PDF Shaper window. You can drop as many PDF files as you want. You have to select an output folder and then click on the Convert button to get started. The conversion process may take some time depending on the number and size of the PDF files.

In the options tab of PDF Shaper, you can choose to format generated RTF file with tabs, open the RTF file after it is created and ignore various elements like images, shapes, tables etc. from the PDF file during the conversion.

PDF Shaper is a free, fast and effective tool to convert your PDF files into the RTF format. It can be used in the single file mode to convert a single PDF file, or in the multiple file mode to convert multiple PDF files simultaneously. It can process even password protected PDF files.

You can download PDF Shaper from