Detect Malware with Metascan Client for Windows

Metascan is an online tool for scanning suspicious files using more than forty different antivirus engines. Now they have released a new tool called Metascan client which can automatically scan all the running processes on your system with Metascan online virus scanner. This is a simple and easy way to find out if your system is infected.

You can download Metascan Client from the OPSWAT website. The download is around 4 megabytes in size. The downloaded file a portable program which means it is not required to install anything on your system. Just run the downloaded file MetascanClient.exe. Although the interface shows many options like Fast Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan, yet only Fast Scan option actually works. So you have to select Fast Scan option and then click on the Scan button to start the scanning of running processes.

Detect Malware with Metascan Client for Windows

The Metascan client would find the hash values of running processes on your Windows system and send them to Metascan servers to see if they belong to infected files. If the hash of a file is not found, then that file is sent to the Metascan servers to be scanned by multiple antivirus engines. The Metascan client claims to use 5 different antivirus engines for scanning, but it does not mention which engines were used. After a few minutes of scanning process, the results are displayed.

Detect Malware with Metascan Client for Windows

In the results window, you can see the number of antivirus engines used, number of files scanned and total time taken for the scanning. You are given option to save the results to a text file. You can either start over to scan your system again or just close the Metascan client.

Metascan client is a quick and easy way to find out if your system is infected or not. Metascan client uses online antivirus engines with the latest virus definitions, this is why it is able to detect new malware on your PC that could have been missed by the antivirus installed on your PC.

You can download Metascan client from

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