Prevent Facebook Scams with FB Phishing Protector

Facebook is the top social networking site all over the world. Many millions of people use it everyday to share their pictures, videos and comments with their friends and family. Many businesses also use facebook to interact with their existing and prospect customers. But there are cybercriminals also tapping into the popularity of Facebook by posting links about scams and phishing sites. If you click on such a link, then you can also fall victim to these scams. If you are a Firefox web browser user, then you can use the FB Phishing Protector add-on to prevent such scams on Facebook.

The FB Phishing Protector add-on works by detecting and blocking XSS (cross side script) injection in the Facebook content. These XSS injection techniques have been extensively used by the cybercriminals to infect users with malware in the recent past. The FB Phishing Protector can block the XSS techniques and thus protects you from such attacks.

The FB Phishing Protector add-on does not require you to restart Firefox after the installation. After the installation, you will not see anything – no new toolbar button, no new menu item added. But this new add-on would start working in the background as soon as you visit the Facebook site in your browser. In addition to the XSS protection, it also detects phishing pages. For example, in the following screenshot it has detected a fake Facebook phishing page and is warning about it.

Prevent Facebook Scams with FB Phishing Protector

In terms of options or preferences, the FB Phishing Protector does not have much. You can change settings to toggle the inline popups, SAYoR scripts (Scripts At Your own Risk, these scripts are the ones not hosted by Mozilla add-ons site), Protection Enabled notifications and Facebook Tracking Protection. The Tracking Protections disables the Facebook scripts when you are not on the Facebook sites. This way Facebook does not find which sites you have been visiting.

Prevent Facebook Scams with FB Phishing Protector

If you are a regular Facebook user and use it extensively in your Firefox web browser, then you should install the FB Phishing Protector add-on to keep yourself protected from XSS attacks, phishing sites and other scams. It blocks the phishing sites without interrupting your usual Facebook activity.

You can download and install the FB Phishing Protector add-on from…/facebook-phishing-protector/.

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