Remove PIN from Your Account in Windows 8

Windows 8 has a new option for signing in to your user account – called PIN which is a four digit code that you have to enter on the Windows logon screen. This PIN code is a great way to logon to your account on touchscreen devices because it does not require you to click on any OK button or press the enter key. You just tap on the numbers in your PIN code and you are logged in. However using a PIN code as a sign in option can be risky because it can be easily guessed. If you want to remove the PIN code from your user account, then you can follow the instructions given below :

  1. Press the key combination Windows logo key + I to display the Charms bar in the right side of your screen. In the charms bar, click/tap on Change PC Settings which is displayed at the very bottom of the charms bar.

    Change Start Screen Background in Windows 8

  2. In the PC Settings screen that opens up, select Users on the left side. Then click/tap on Remove button shown next to the Change PIN button.

    Remove PIN from Your Account in Windows 8

  3. It will not ask you for any confirmation or anything. Your PIN code would be removed silently. Now you will not see the PIN option for signing on to Windows. Instead of the PIN, you would be able to sign on using the text password and the picture password (if you have set it).