AppRemover : Easily Uninstall Security Applications

Recently my friend Katelynn was looking for a free antivirus software and after my suggestion she tried some of them. But she ran into the problem of being unable to uninstall them after she had tried a couple. Sometimes some software become too stubborn and resist all our efforts of their uninstallation. The reason of this buggy behavior may be a problematic installation script among others. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then you can remove the security software (antispyware, antivirus etc.) using a free application called AppRemover from OPSWAT.

AppRemover is a free utility from OPSWAT that enables users to remove antivirus, antispyware and other security applications, as well as left over files remaining from incomplete uninstallations. There is no more need to mess around manually with your registry. AppRemover takes care of everything automatically. You can download the AppRemover from the OPSWAT website. The download is 11 megabytes in size and you do not have to install it – it is fully portable.

AppRemover works in a wizard like style. You have to agree with the terms and conditions and then click on the Start button on the first screen. This would make it search for all the installed security applications on your Windows system. The scanning for installed security software may take a considerable time because AppRemover searches all through the system hard disk partition.


After the scanning is over, AppRemover would list all the installed security software found on your system. Select the security software that you want to remove and click the Remove Selected Applications button. AppRemover would automatically remove the selected security software along with their deep hidden entries in the Windows registry.


At the end, you are shown the message that the selected application were removed. Because the security applications are well integrated into the Windows system, not all the files can be removed at once and it requires a system reboot for complete removal. For example, all the antivirus products install the shell context-menu extension in File Explorer so that you can scan any file or folder by just right-clicking on them – these shell extensions cannot be removed without a reboot. So after the removal of the security applications using the AppRemover, you may have to restart your computer for some of the changes to take effect.


AppRemover supports hundreds of security software from all the major security vendors like McAfee, AVG, Avira, F-Secure, Kaspersky, Lavasoft, Microsoft, Panda Labs, PC Tools, Symantec, and many more. So if you are experiencing problems when trying to uninstall the security software installed on your system, then you should give AppRemover a try. It can remove security software easily only in a few clicks.

You can download AppRemover from