Remove Fake Antivirus : Remove Rogue Security Software from PC

The new generation of the cyber criminals is thriving on a few basics of social engineering. They fool people into believing that their systems are infected and then offer a costly but fake antivirus software. The criminals have been doing this for many years using infected or specially crafted sites. Now they have started to call people over phone in order to persuade them to install fake antivirus on their PC. Unsuspecting people easily fall into their trap and end up not only paying for the rogue fake security software but also expose their financial information to these crooks. A free software called Remove Fake Antivirus can help you get rid of some of these fake antivirus software from your PC.

Remove Fake Antivirus works by killing the processes that are linked to the malware or rogue software. It also removes some of the malicious files and entries, so you can easily run your anti-malware software and clean your PC of such threats. You can download Remove Fake Antivirus from a blog being run by the writer of this software. The download is less than 300 kilobytes. If you cannot download it on the infected PC, then download it on another PC and copy it over to the infected PC using a USB memory stick. After running Remove Fake Antivirus app, click on the Start button to start the scanning of your system.

Remove Fake Antivirus : Remove Rogue Security Software from PC

After a confirmation, it would start to scan your computer for known malware files, programs, processes and registry entries. The whole process takes only a few minutes. It shuts down the programs related to the rogue software, removes the associated registry entries and deletes the related files and folders as it progresses through the scan. The details of what is happening can be seen by clicking on the Show Details button. At the end of the scan, after having removed the processes and files related to the most common rogue malware, it would give a message that you should run a scan of your system using a latest updated antivirus.

Remove Fake Antivirus : Remove Rogue Security Software from PC

Remove Fake Antivirus is a simple but very useful tool to aid the infected PC users in removing the rogue software. It is able to detect and remove over 80 different rogue security software. It searches the rogue software by their file names and registry entries. It does not actually scan through the files using the virus definitions or signatures. It is a good idea to install and scan your system with a good antivirus or anti-malware like ESET Online Scanner or Malwarebytes Antimalware immediately after using the Remove Fake Antivirus tool.

You can download Remove Fake Antivirus from

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