Analyze Hard Disk Space using Free Disk Savvy

Sometimes we are surprised to see that hard disk is full and there is no space to copy files anymore. It makes us wonder where did all the space go and which folders are taking up all that disk space. Well, wonder no more, you can use the free disk space analysis tool Disk Savvy. It can analyze your hard disk space and tell you which folders are taking up how much disk space. It can show you the disk analysis reports in form pie charts, tables or bar charts.

The free Disk Savvy software can be used to analyze your local disks, network shares and NAS (network attached storage) devices. It has many analysis, classification, filtering and reporting capabilities allowing you to have in-depth visibility about what types of files are holding most of the disk space and where these files are located.

You can download Disk Savvy from the Disk Savvy website. The download is in form of a setup installer using which you can install the program on your computer. Disc Savvy supports all versions of Windows starting from Windows 2000 to Windows 8. It supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. After the installation, you can run Disk Savvy from its desktop shortcut, if it is not launched automatically. First of all, you have to add folders that you want to analyze. You can add input folders by clicking on the + button in the Input Directories section on the left side.

Analyze Disk Space using Free Disk Savvy

You can add mroe than one input folders if you want. If you add a root folder like C:, then there is no point in adding any other sub-folders too. Once you have set the input directories, you can click on the Analyze button to start the space analysis of the these folders. The analysis would take many minutes to finish depending on the hard disk size and the amount of data you have stored on that disk. During the analysis, the folders are listed in the report in the descending order based on size.

Analyze Disk Space using Free Disk Savvy

You can click on the Charts button in the toolbar to view the disk analysis report in form of a pie chart or bar chart. These charts are easy to see which folder is taking up the most of the space on your hard disk. You can view the pie chart or bar chart based on the disk space usage per folder, disk space usage per extension, number of files per folder or number of files per extension. You can export the charts in form of an image or just print them on your printer.

The free version of Disk Savvy can analyze only a maximum of 500,000 files. If you want to analyze more files then you need to get a paid version of Disk Savvy which can analyze upto 500,000,000 files. The paid versions also have many other options like exporting the reports to HTML, CSV or TEXT files, SQL database integration, buillt-in data wiping function, analysis for a particular file extension and more.

You can download Disk Savvy from