Create XviD Collection with Free WinX DVD to XviD Ripper

If you have many DVDs then it becomes very inconvenient to find them and play the movies or videos in the DVD player. An easier way is to copy them to your hard disk for easy and fast access. If you have a large hard disk then its easy to keep the DVD videos on it, but most people do not have large hard disks. So a better idea is to convert your DVDs into XviD videos which consume lesser space and still have high quality. You can create a collection of your DVDs in the XviD video format using the free WinX DVD to XviD Ripper tool.

WinX DVD to XviD Ripper tool makes it very easy to rip the DVDs into the XviD video formats. You can download it from the Digiarty software website. The download is a setup installer using which you can install it on your Windows system. After the installation, you can run it from its desktop shortcut. If you already have a DVD disk in your DVD drive, then it would automatically scan it and list the videos available on it. If you do not have any DVD disk in your drive, then you can insert one. If you have copied the DVD to your hard disk, then you can the path to the DVD videos folder on your hard disk.

Create XviD Collection with Free WinX DVD to XviD Ripper

You can select a video from the list to be converted and also select which portion of it is to be converted by dragging the scroll bar in the preview window. You can choose an output folder where the converted files would be saved. There are options to set the audio and video settings for the video conversion. Most of the users would not need to make any changes to the conversion settings. After this, you can click on the circular Start button at the lower-right corner to start the conversion. A conversion progress window is displayed giving the details of what is happening.

Create XviD Collection with Free WinX DVD to XviD Ripper

The conversion of the entire DVD takes around 20 minutes. But it also depends on the hardware of your computer, the available system RAM and the quality of the DVD video. Perhaps, this is why there is an option to shutdown the system after the conversion has been completed.

The WinX DVD to XviD Ripper is a very straightforward and easy to use tool to convert DVD videos into the XviD format. It gives you options to select the differebt videos in the DVD and lets you choose the time range for conversion. This can be really useful if you are wanting to create a video collection of your DVD videos on your hard disk.

You can download the free WinX DVD to XviD Ripper from

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