Duplicate and Print Photos with IDPhotoStudio

Last week my brother asked me to duplicate his passport size photograph. So I scanned it using my Canon scanner but then then I hit a stumbling block. I wanted to print an array of twenty photos on the A4 sheet to save paper and time. But Windows lets you print only one copy of the photo at a single time. This is very frustrating. Luckily I found the freeware IDPhotoStudio which lets you duplicate and print the copies of a photo on a single sheet of paper.

IDPhotoStudio is a simple program that can be used to duplicate your passport size photos and print them directly to your printer. You can download it from the KC Software website. The download is less than one megabytes. It is a portable program so you do not have to install anything on your system. Just extract the contents to a folder and run IDPhotoStudio.exe from there.

Duplicate and Print Photos with IDPhotoStudio

First thing you should do is to load your picture. To load a picture, click on the Load Picture button and select a JPEG image file. If you have a paper copy of the photo that you want to duplicate, you should scan it first using your scanner and save it as a JPEG image file on your hard disk – only then you can load it in IDPhotoStudio.

In the options, you can select a passport photo size standard for your country. All countries have different rules regarding the size of the passport photo. For example, in the USA your passport photo size should be 2 by 2 inches. You can also choose the number of photos you want to print on a single sheet of paper. You can choose from one to fifteen number of photos to be printed. There are some other options like rotate photo, turn it greyscale or add sepia effect which are available from the menubar.

Once you are ready, you can just click on the Print Now button. This would open a preview of the paper sheet with an array of photos on it. You can click again on Print Now button to send it to your printer to be printed or click on the Save Picture to save the output as a JPEG image file. For better printing results, you should use a glossy photo paper instead of ordinary printer paper. After printing you can use a pair of scissors or a paper guillotine to cut the photos.

Duplicate and Print Photos with IDPhotoStudio

IDPhotoStudio is a simple to use photo duplicator and printer. Although it is advertised as a passport or identity card photo duplicator, but it can be used for duplicating all different kinds of pictures. For example, you can print a number of postage stamps or tickets to your concert on a single paper sheet by using this nifty software.

You can download IDPhotoStudio from http://www.kcsoftwares.com/?idps .