How to Convert TIFF Images to PDF Files

Before the PDF files, TIFF images were being used by all the universities, governments, legal firms, artists and other professionals to store the files in lossless format. Even today, some libraries of some universities use the TIFF format to store their digital documents, books and research papers. But now Adobe has made the PDF files so popular that everyone want everything in PDF format. So of course, you also would want to convert the old TIFF images into the modern PDF documents. Fortunately, there is a freeware application called TIFF to PDF that can help you convert TIFF images into PDF files.

You can download TIFF to PDF software from the Viscom Store website. The download is a setup installer for Windows using which you can install TIFF to PDF on your system. After the installation you can run it from its desktop shortcut. The GUI of TIFF to PDF is very simple. You have to browse and select the TIFF file by clicking on the Browse button. If the TIFF file contains more than one page, enter the number of pages you want to convert to PDF file. And finally click on the Convert button to proceed.

How to Convert TIFF Images to PDF Files

It would ask you for the target PDF file and then create a PDF file for you. There are not many options in this application, but you can change the zoom level of the TIFF file as it is previewed in the TIFF to PDF converter. The zoom level is reflected in the resulting PDF file, so if your TIFF file has very large file pages, but you want the PDF file to be smaller in size, then you can change the zoom level to a smaller level and then create the PDF file.

The TIFF to PDF file converter is a very easy to use program that can be used by everyone. It does not require any PDF viewer application to be installed like the Adobe PDF Reader. Although the application is very useful but it has a very large window size which does not fit a regular desktop PC. On top of that it does not allow you to resize the application window making it very difficult to work with it. If they can work around this problem, then its going to be even more useful for those who need to convert TIFF files into PDF documents.

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