Quickly Hide Your IP Address in Firefox with AnonymoX

If you want to visit websites but want to remain completely anonymous, then you can make use of the AnonymoX addon for the Firefox web browser. This addons lets you change your IP address (which in turn spoofs your country and city location), visit blocked or censored websites and delete cookies that can be used to track your identity across different IP addresses.

You can download and install the AnonymoX addon for Firefox from the Mozilla Addons website. The Firefox browser needs to be restarted after the installation. The AnonymoX addon places an icon in the Firefox toolbar next to the location bar. If you hover your mouse cursor over this icon, it would show you your current spoofed IP address and country location.

Quickly Hide Your IP Address in Firefox with AnonymoX

If you click on the AnonymoX icon in the toolbar, then it would show you a list of all the proxy severs available that you can switch to. The servers are located in the US, UK and Netherlands. If you want to switch to a different server (to change your spoofed IP address), then you can select one from the list and click on the Change Identity button. You can also enable or disable the AnonymoX proxy by checking or unchecking the Active checkbox.

Quickly Hide Your IP Address in Firefox with AnonymoX

When you switch to a new the IP address, AnonymoX asks you to clear the cookies stored by the different sites. Clearing the cookies is required because some of the cookies can be used by websites to identify you even if you change the IP address. You should clear the cookies when prompted in order to stay anonymous over the internet.

You can download the AnonymoX extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/anonymox/.

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