Remove Malware Using Free SUPER AntiSpyware

Malware writers are always looking forward to new ways of targeting their victims. New types of malware are being released into the wild everyday on the internet. If you are lucky and smart, then you would have installed an antivirus product to fend off such malware attacks. But if you get infected through some unfortunate event, then you should use a specialized software to get rid of these malware. SUPER AntiSpyware is such a free software that can be used to remove malware from your computer. You can use SUPER AntiSpyware in addition to your regular antivirus software for maximum protection against malicious software.

You can download the SUPER AntiSpyware from the SUPER AntiSpyware website. The download is available in form of an installable setup file. The file name is in the form of SUPERAntiSpyware.exe. The download file size is about 25 MB and takes around a minute to download. The installation process is a breeze. After the setup is over, you are shown options to update the malware database which is used to detect malware on your computer. You should choose to update the database and proceed.

In the main SUPER AntiSpyware window, you can choose to perform a Quick scan, Critical Point scan, Complete scan or a Custom scan. The Critical Point scan in SUPER AntiSpyware scans over 20 different areas of the computer to quickly identify threats. The Quick scan scans only selected areas on your hard disk. The Complete scan scans the entire hard disk for malware and is the most comprehensive scan. In the Custom scan you can choose what items of your system you would like to scan. If you are running SUPER AntiSpyware for the first time, then you should choose Complete scan to scan your computer for malware. For later scans, you can choose either Quick scan or Critical Point scan. After selecting an option click on the large Scan your computer button to start the scaning process.

Remove Malware Using Free SUPERAntiSpyware

If SUPER AntiSpyware finds any malware, you are shown a list of found malicious items. These items can be running processes, files on your computer or entries in the Windows’ registry. By default all the malicious items are pre-selected to be removed. On my test PC, it found many tracking cookies and Windows Police Pro malware within a couple of minutes of scanning. You can click on the Remove Threats button to get rid of the found malware.

Remove Malware Using Free SUPERAntiSpyware

SUPER AntiSpyware can remove some malware immediately. But removal of some other malware require that you reboot your computer. SUPER AntiSpyware would show a window that Reboot is required for such situations. You should click on the Reboot Now to restart Windows and remove the malware completely from your computer.

Remove Malware Using Free SUPERAntiSpyware

The free edition of the SUPER AntiSpyware supports only on-demand scanning. For real-time protection, you have to pay and buy the registration code. The free edition supports protecting various of your system settings like browser home page, Internet Zone settings and Windows Shell etc. The SUPER AntiSpyware is a very useful program that does an excellent job of scanning and removing your system for malicious programs. It is an indispensable porgram and a worthy addition to your security programs collection.

You can download the SUPER AntiSpyware from

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