DDownloads : Download and Install Applications for Windows

When you buy a new PC and use it for the first time, you have to install dozens of applications on it. For example, you have to have an antivirus for protection, a decent web browser like Google Chrome, an email client of your choice, a document editor and more. But downloading and installing them from their individual websites takes too long and is a very frustrating task. DDownloads, a freeware application, can help you download and install hundreds of applications for Windows from a single window interface.

DDownloads is a simple tool that allows you to download hundreds of free applications on your computer at the click of a button. You can download DDownloads from its website. The download is available as an installer. After the installation, you can run it from its desktop shortcut. It shows up a window where the applications are listed category-wise or alphabetically in the left side. There are many different categories of applications to choose from like Antivirus, Graphic Editor, Malware Removal and many more. You can also search for an application using the search box on the top-right corner. When you select an application, its information (including website, download link, download page link, whether portable edition is available etc.) is displayed on the right side.

DDownloads : Download and Install Applications for Windows

You can click on the Direct Download button to download and save the installation file for the selected application. You have to manually run this installer later. For automatic, installation you can click on the Download and Run button so that it can download the installer and run it when the download is finished.

The DDownloads application depends on a database of applications to give you all the information about these software. This database is regularly updated to include new software and update the existing software. You can update the DDownloads database from the Update section. After the database is updated, you have to restart DDownloads to use the new database.

DDownloads : Download and Install Applications for Windows

DDownloads is just a downloader and installer for a new computer. It does not check for already installed applications and tell you if newer versions are available unlike the SUMo (Software Update Monitor) software. But DDownloads gives you a huge number of options in each of the software categories which makes it ideal choice for using on a new computer after fresh installation of Windows.

You can download DDownloads from http://www.ddownloads.net/ .

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