Decrap : Remove Bloatware from Your New Computer

The PC manufacturers often push free or trial software in brand new computers. This is why, when you buy a new notebook or PC, it comes packed with all kinds of bloatware (also called crapware) that you never really use – like trial versions of antivirus products and OEM utilities. You can manually remove them one by one, but you may miss a few of them. A free program called Decrap can help you remove such unwanted bloatware from your new PC.

Decrap is similar to PC Decrapifier that we have already reviewed on It allows you to easily and safely remove all of the bloatware that comes pre-installed on any new branded PC. It supports removal of utlities installed by OEMs like Asus, Dell, HP and Toshiba. You can download it from the Decrap website. The download is available both in form of a setup installer and as a portable application. The portable application does not need to be installed. You can just download the portable version, extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive to a folder and run Decrap.exe from there. In the start, you have to select a language and it would guide you through basic informational steps. Then it would collect data about your computer and restart itself.

Decrap : Remove Bloatware from Your New Computer

After Decrap has restarted, you can choose to run it either in the fully automatic mode or manual mode. In the fully automatic mode, it would find and remove all the bloatware from your PC without bothering you. In this mode, it would remove all the software that it tags as bloatware without any prior warning or confirmation. But there is nothing to worry, it keeps backups for all the actions and everything can be undone at any later stage.

On the other hand, in the manual mode (which is also the default mode), you have to make all the decisions – which programs you want to get rid of, which programs you want to keep and so on. If you go the manual way, it would show you a list of some items auto-starting in Windows, Desktop items, Start Menu items, third-party software and so on. You can select which items you want to get rid of and click on the Next button.

Decrap : Remove Bloatware from Your New Computer

You would be shown an option to create a system restore point. Creating a system restore point is necessary so that you can roll back the changes made by the Decrap software any any later time. In the next step, you are shown options for it to automatically run the uninstallers or offer you to manually run the uninstallers. There are also options to automatically or manually clean the registry or leave the registry untouched.

Decrap : Remove Bloatware from Your New Computer

After this, Decrap would start to remove the bloatware (either letting you run uninstallers manually or automatically). Then it would clean the registry (either automatically, or shows you entries that you should remove). If you have selected not to clean the registry, then it would not show anything. After all the cleaning and bloatware removal, it would close by itself. You may have to restart your computer in order to finalize the bloatware removal.

Decrap is a very easy to use program that is specially designed to remove unwanted bloatware (or crapware) bundled in brand new computers. By removing such bundled software from your PC, it not only makes your PC faster but also recovers your valuable hard disk space. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that Decrap is only for advanced users and should only be used on brand new PCs.

You can download Decrap from .

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