Enable Right-Click Functionality on Webpages in Firefox

Some of the websites use javascript tricks to prevent users from right-clicking on their pages. If you right-click on such websites, then either nothing happens or you see a message telling you you that right-clicking is not allowed. This is very annoying as sometimes you want to right-click on an image to download it, but the website has blocked all the right-clicking functionality. Thanks to the RightToClick add-on for Firefox using which you can enable the right-click function in all the websites.

The RightToClick add-on for Firefox uses sophisticated techniques to prevent websites from blocking your right-click action. It can detect and block various tricks that websites use including javascript annoyances such as forbidden right click, forbidden text selection or cascading dialog boxes. You can download and install it from its Mozilla add-ons page. The add-on requires you to restart Firefox, after which you have to set the options for it. You can view the RightToClick options from the Firefox add-on page, which you can open through the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + A.

Enable Right-Click Functionality on Webpages in Firefox

In the RightToClick settings, there is a Common options section where you can select to disable all the different types of javascript techniques usually employed by various websites to block you from right-clicking. There are options to disable CSS tricks too, but disabling CSS styles may reduce the website usability in some cases. In the Advanced options, there are some extreme options to use if everything else fails – for example, disabling all the CSS styles on a webpage.

After you have set these options to your like and requirements, you can visit any webpage with confidence. Now you can right-click on any text or image on any webpage without being told that you cannot. This is very useful for copying text from websites or right-clicking on an image to download it.

You can download and install RightToClick add-on from https://addons.mozilla.org/.