Kindle for PC : Read Kindle eBooks on Your PC

Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular ebook reader devices in the world. If you have a Kindle, then you can browse, download and buy millions of ebooks, newspapers, magazines and other media available from Amazon. We have previously published an article on how you can read Kindle ebooks in your Chrome browser, even if you do not own a Kindle device. Amazon has now released a new Windows application called Kindle for PC using which you can read Kindle ebooks in any Windows PC.

Kindle for PC is available for Windows XP, Vista and 7. If you own an Apple Mac, then there is a Mac edition too. The download is available in form of an an installer. The download is around 32 megabytes in size for Windows version of Kindle for PC. After the installation, you can run it from its desktop shortcut. The first thing you should do is register your Kindle for PC using your Amazon account as shown. If you do not have an Amazon account, then you can create a new Amazon account from the Kindle for PC interface.

Kindle for PC : Read Kindle eBooks on Windows PC

Once you have logged in to your Amazon account, you will see your Kindle library in the main window of Kindle for PC application. You can double-click on any ebook to start reading it. You can also buy new ebooks by clicking on the Shop in the Kindle Store link on top of the Kindle for PC window.

Kindle for PC : Read Kindle eBooks on Windows PC

You can choose the color and size of fonts and the background using the toolbar icons in the application. Other than this basic functionality, Kindle for PC also offers free dictionaries to be used when reading the books. It offers the New Oxford American dictionary, Oxford Dictionary of English and many other German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese dictionaries. When you right-click on any word inside an ebook, it shows that word’s definition using one of these dictionaries depending on your preferences. You can click on the Full Definition to view the detailed definition in the dictionary.

Kindle for PC : Read Kindle eBooks on Windows PC

So if you want to read your Kindle ebooks right inside your Windows PC, then you can download and install Kindle for PC. Using this you can access your Kindle books even if you do not have your Kindle with you. All the books you download in Kindle for PC are automatically synchronized to your other Kindle applications and devices.

You can download and install this free Kindle application from