Miro Video Converter : Easily Convert Videos to MP4, WebM and Theora Formats

It has happened to everyone that we find some cool videos online, download and copy them to our mobile devices – only to find out that it is not supported by our mobile devices. Most of the video sharing sites like YouTube have videos in the popular FLV format which are usually not supported in mobile phones and other media devices. What you can do is to convert the downloaded videos into a format supported by your mobile device. While there are tons of applications which may help you in converting the video format, there is one free program called MiroConverter which specializes in converting videos into formats supported by mobile devices like Android devices, iPhone or PSP.

MiroConverter comes in form of an installer and is available both for Windows and Mac. You can download and install MiroCoverter in Windows or Mac and start using it right away. Converting videos using MiroConverter is a child’s play. The main user interface is a simple window where you can drag and drop any video file that you want to convert. You can drag and drop more than one video files if you want. Then select the output format from the categories given – Apple, Android, Other and Format. As you click on each of these categories you are shown the different devices that you can select – MiroConverter automatically selects the format of video supported by that device. The Format category shows you different types of formats (like MP4, MP3, Theora or WebM) that you can select . The Other category lets you select resolution of your screen device.

Miro Video Converter

After selecting the video to convert and the target video format, just click on the Convert to button to start the conversion process. The converted output video would be saved in the same folder as the original video. If a video file of the same name already exists in the folder, then MiroConverter would smartly rename the new video file so as not to overwrite any previously existing files.

Miro Video Converter

After the conversion is finished you can copy the video to your mobile device using Bluetooth, USB cable, WiFi connection or some other method offered by your device. The conversion done by MiroConverter is of very high quality (it uses FFMPEG for conversion) and you would be totally pleased by the results. So if you want to put your video collection on your mobile device but your phone does not support those video formats, then give MiroConverter a try. It is free, open source and very easy to use.

You can download free MiroConverter from http://www.mirovideoconverter.com/.