Recover from Malware Damage Using Quick Disaster Recovery

When a malware infects your computer, it can disable various critical components like registry editor, task manager etc. Even after the malware is removed, these components remain disabled. Although you can manually edit various settings in your computer to re-enable these components, but it is a very tedious task. Now you can enable these disable components easily using the Quick Disaster Recovery. Here is how :

You can download the Quick Disaster Recovery from its web page located at The download package is a RAR archive. The RAR archive file can be opened using any program like WinRAR, 7-Zip or WinZip.

After you have extracted the contents of the RAR archive in a folder on your desktop, you can right-click on QuickDisasterRecovery.exe and select Run as administrator to run the program. Note that the program is written in .NET and you should have .NET installed for the program to run. The .NET components are already installed in Windows Vista and Windows 7, so this program will run on them without any problem. For Windows XP, you would have to download and install .NET 3.5 redistributables.

Quick Malware Disaster Recovery

When the program runs, it shows a window with many buttons. On the left side is an array of Fix buttons. On the right-side you would see three buttons – to clean up temporary Internet files, open a task manager like window and manage startup entries. The task manager alternative is great relief in case some malicious program has disable the Windows task manager in your PC.

If none of the Fix buttons are enabled, then all your components are enabled – and you do not have any problem. A fix button for a component is enabled only if a malicious program has disabled it. In the above screen-shot, only the first fix button is enabled – because I have deliberately disabled task manager in my computer (just for testing).

You can click on any of the enabled “Fix” buttons to enable that component – a very easy thing to do.

Quick Disaster Recovery is a very useful tool for recovering from the damage done by a malware program. It is written using the .NET architecture and is an open source program. The best thing is that it is completely portable and does not need to be installed. It is definitely a must have tool for system administrators.