Backup Opera Settings with zebNet Opera Backup

When you format your hard disk or it gets corrupted by a virus attack or the hard disk just fails to work, then you lose all your Opera web browser settings, including the bookmarks, auto-complete, history and other security settings. But you can create a backup of all your settings using the free zebNet Opera Backup program, so that you can quickly restore from it when needed. Here is how:

You can download the free zebNet Opera Backup tool from the zebNet website. You have to install it before you can use it. During the installation, it will try to install many useless spyware programs on your system. You have to be extremely careful to Decline such offers.

After the installation is over, you would see a desktop shortcut for it. You can run it either from the desktop shortcut or the Start Menu shortcut. The program would show up with many options to create the backup, restore from a backup, browse an existing backup and so on.

Backup Opera Settings with zebNet Opera Backup

To create a backup, you have to click on the Create a New Backup and proceed from there. It will ask you which items from your profile you want to include in the backup and where to store the backup file on your hard disk. After this your current Opera profile shall be backed up. The backup files are self-executable, so you have to just double-click on them to restore the Opera profile from that backup.

Restoring your profile from a previous backup is easy in the same manner. You can click on the Restore an existing backup, select your backup location and it will restore your old Opera profile which includes all the settings, favorites, add-ons etc.

In addition, it offers some other features like data migration between different computers, backup over FTP, backup reserve copies etc. It supports even the portable editions of Opera browser. You can also schedule the backup at regular intervals.

You can download zebNet Opera Backup from :