BullGuard Online Virus Scan: Detect Malware on Your PC for Free

Are you seeing some suspicious network activity on your computer ? Are you seeing suspicious links in your browser and new unknown programs running in your PC ? It is possible that your PC is infected with some kind of malware. If you suspect that your PC harbors malware, then you can run a quick check using free online BullGuard Virus Scan. This online virus scan runs a very fast scan of your system to find out if your PC is infected or not.

You can visit the BullGuard Virus Scan page, and click on the Start Scan button. It would ask you to install a browser extension in order to proceed. The browser extension is necessary for the scanning for malware. Alternatively, you can download the BullGuard Virus Scan plugin installer program which installs BullGuard Virus Scan browser plugins in all the popular browsers.

BullGuard Online Virus Scan: Detect Malware on Your PC for Free

After the plugin has been installed, you can open your web browser (in which you installed the plugin) and revisit the BullGuard Virus Scan webpage. It would start to scan your system for malware. It scans running processes, auto-start entries, loaded modules, browser plugins and active internet connections for malicious activity. It sends collected data over to BullGuard servers which determine whether your PC is infected or not. Finally a result it shown about the state of your PC.

BullGuard Online Virus Scan: Detect Malware on Your PC for Free

The scanning process is very fast and displays the results in less than a minute. You can also view the detailed report of the scanning and the results by clicking on View the scan report. This opens a text file in Windows Notepad displaying various processes, auto-start entries, browser plugins etc., that BullGuard Virus Scan has scanned for viruses and trojans. It should be mentioned that BullGuard online Virus Scan does not remove any found viruses – it merely detects them. If it detects some malware on your PC, you can consult a security expert or use some other security tool to remove them. You can find many malware removal tools in the Security section of TrishTech.com.

BullGuard Virus Scan is a very fast way to scan your PC for malware. However, it is not as comprehensive as the Trend Micro HouseCall or ESET Online Scanner. It scans only for a few critical files which may not detect dormant malware that runs on a particular trigger, e.g., when you open PDF files. Besides there are no options to choose from – you cannot scan custom set of files. As such, it should not be used as a substitute of a full antivirus installed on your PC.

You can visit the BullGuard Virus Scan page at http://virus-scan.bullguard.com/.

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