Encrypt Files Easily in Mac Using Cryptor

There are so many tools for encryption in Windows that can easily encrypt your files at the click of a button. For example, tools like AXCrypt can make encryption of files as easy as right-clicking on them in Windows. But what about Mac? If you want to encrypt files in Mac, then you can use the free Cryptor tool for Mac. It can encrypt your files using many of the well known ciphers like DES and Blowfish. It also uses algorithms like RC2, RC4, RC5, AES with strengths of 128-bits, 192-bits and 256-bits.

You can download Cryptor from the MacUpdate website. The download is around 3 megabytes in size and comes packed in a ZIP file. When you run Cryptor, it shows a simple window with an empty list. You can drag-and-drop files or folders, that you want to encrypt, onto this window.

Encrypt Files Easily in Mac Using Cryptor

When you are ready to encrypt the dropped files, just click on the lock icon. It would ask you for a password for encrypting the files. After you supply the password, the files start to get encrypted and a console window will show up temporarily. The process of decryption of the files is similar to encryption.

In the settings for Cryptor, you can select the default encryption algorithms and passwords for encrypting or decrypting. You can select encryption or decryption algorithms from Blowfish, RC2, RC4, RC5, DES or AES. The AES (formerly known as Rijndael) is offered in 128-bit, 192-bit and 256-bit cipher strengths.

Encrypt Files Easily in Mac Using Cryptor

Cryptor is simple and easy to use encryption program for Mac. It supports Mac OS X 10.5 or later. It makes encrypting of your files a very easy to do job. It also has a built-in utility called String Utility which allows you to encrypt or decrypt a string instead of files.

You can download Cryptor from http://www.macupdate.com/.

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