Find License Keys of Installed Software on Mac

There are many programs that allow you to find the license keys of software installed on Windows, but what about Mac users? Fortunately, the developers of Magical Jellybean Software have come with a solution for Mac and its called Mac Product Key Finder. This software does what Windows Product Key Finder does for the Windows PC. It is able to detect and decipher license keys of nearly two hundred different applications.

You can download Mac Product Key Finder from the Magical Jellybean software website. The download is around three megabytes in size and comes in the standard DMZ package for Mac. The installation follows the standard routine and after the installation is over you can run Mac Product Key Finder from the Finder.

Find License Keys of Installed Software on Mac

When you run the Mac Product Key Finder, it searches your Mac for a little while. After this brief search, it displays all the serial numbers of all the supported installed products. In addition to the installed products, it also shows the serial numbers of any previously connected iPad or iPhone devices. The total number of serial numbers found is shown at the bottom of the window. You can click on the refresh button to re-scan your system for any serial numbers. You can also save the list of serial numbers in form of an HTML, XML, CSV, PDF or a plain text file.

Mac Product Key Finder is offered in two flavors – free version and pro version. The pro version is a commercial version of the product and costs around US$25 for each license. The main difference between the free and the pro versions is the number of products supported by both. The free version can find the serial numbers of only 69 softwares while the pro version can detect the serial numbers of nearly 200 applications.

You can download Mac Product Key Finder from