How to Create Temporary Bookmarks in Firefox

Whenever I see something interesting on the Internet I press Ctrl + D to bookmark it and read it later. But this results in having tons of bookmarks under the Firefox bookmarks menu – either because I never bothered to remove them, or I never used them in the first place. The solution for this age old problem is a Firefox extension called Temporary Bookmarks or Tark in short. The Tark extension, as you may have guessed, helps you to create temporary bookmarks in Firefox which will be automatically removed after a period of time.

You can install the Tark add-on from the Mozilla add-ons website. The add-on requires you to restart the web browser and can be used immediately upon the restart of the browser. You can tark (create a temporary bookmark of) a webpage or a link by right-clicking on that link and selecting the Tark sub-menu. You can select whether you want to Tark it for 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks. You can also un-Tark a bookmark or create a permanent bookmark (by Tarking a link for infinite time).

How to Create Temporary Bookmarks in Firefox

Do not expect anything fancy to happen after you Tark a link. It just adds that link into your Bookmarks menu of Firefox at the bottom. You can access that bookmark from Firefox → Bookmarks menu. The only difference is that these bookmarks will expire after a pre-selected number of weeks. What happens after they expire, depends on your personal Tark settings.

How to Create Temporary Bookmarks in Firefox

In the Tark add-on settings, you can choose to show the Tarks sub-menu in the right-click menu or in the Bookmarks menu. The Expired bookmarks policy controls how the bookmarks behave after they are expired. You can set them to automatically delete after they have expired or move them to a different folder upon expiry.

The Tark extension is very useful to bookmark links or webpages that are of interest but only for a few weeks. For example, the recent birth of the Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William’s first baby is in the news but it will not be a sensation after a few weeks. So you can Tark the related news articles for a few weeks and read them over the weekend.

You can download and install Tark (Temporary Bookmarks) add-on from

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