Pointer Stick : Display a Virtual Pointer Stick in Windows

You must have seen how in presentations we use a small pointer to highlight what we are talking about on a map or a projected image. The freeware Pointer Stick software brings a similar virtual big pointer stick in your Windows PC. This way you can use a large pointer stick to show people how to work with a software or application. The software allows you to control the size, the color and the texture of the virtual pointer stick.

You can download Pointer Stick from the SoftwareOK software website. The download is less than one megabytes in size and takes less than one second to download on a standard broadband Internet connection. The download is separately available both for the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions. The software is a portable application, so you can just extract it to a folder and run PointerStick.exe from there.

Pointer Stick

In the Pointer Stick settings, you can increase or decrease the pointer size, choose the pointer stick transparency and select an image/texture for the stick. There are more than seventeen different textures available for the stick. Everybody has a different taste, but in my opinion the default red color pointer stick looks the best.

Other than this, you can also choose the hotkeys to show or hide the pointer stick. You can click your mouse three times to toggle the pinter stick on or off. You can also click on the system tray icon once of the Pointer Stick to show or hide it. There is an option to automatically start Pointer Stick with Windows which is helpful if you are going to use the Pointer Stick very often.

Conclusion: Pointer Stick is a very simple free application which can be used to demonstrate how to do something on your computer to the people. It has options to choose the texture or color for the stick and its size. It also supports hotkeys for easily hiding or showing the stick.

You can download the Pointer Stick from http://www.softwareok.com/.