Remove Background from Images without Photoshop

When it comes to editing pictures and removing background from images, the first thing that comes to mind is Adobe Photoshop. But not everyone has this costly piece of software. There are some alternatives like Gimp, but not everyone is comfortable working with these complex programs. If you want to remove the background from images, then you can do so easily using the free online service called ClippingMagic in just three steps.

The ClippingMagic website allows you to easily remove the background from your photos to create masks, cutouts, or clipping paths. Everything is done instantly in just three steps – upload image, mark the image and download the image.

First of all you have to visit the ClippingMagic website. Here you can either drag and drop your picture or click on the Choose File button to select your picture and upload it.

Remove Background from Images without Photoshop

This would open an image editor window where you can mark the foreground and background areas for your uploaded image. You have to mark the foreground areas using the green strokes and the background areas (the portion that you want to remove) using the red color. A preview of the resulting image shall be shown in the right-side of the webpage.

Remove Background from Images without Photoshop

By default the removed background is replaced with transparent layer, but you can also add a colored layer. If you want to be very precise in removal of the background, then you can also zoom-in and use a brush of lesser pixel width. All these tools are available in the top toolbar of the ClippingImage website. When you are satisfied with the results, you can click on the Download button to download and save it to your hard disk.

ClippingImage is a very simple and easy to use three step solution for removing the background from your pictures. It is so easy that even kids can do it without any sort of problems and enjoy it while removing the backgrounds.

You can visit the ClippingImage website at