Stay Anonymous Online with ZenMate for Chrome

There are more and more reasons why we should stay anonymous on the Internet. Recent news about NSA spying on user activities through secret collaboration with major corporations is one of them. If you want to stay anonymous online, then you can use the ZenMate extension for Chrome. It works on the basic principles of a VPN. It redirects your Internet traffic through their servers, thus giving you a new virtual IP address and keeping your online activities anonymous.

Here are some of the features offered by the ZenMate extension:

  • Encryption of your browser traffic
  • Has built-in Acceleration
  • Hassle free setup and very easy to use
  • Lightweight integration
  • Instant protection, privacy and security
  • Substitution and masking of your real IP
  • Allows you access of worldwide high-speed servers

The ZenMate extension can be installed from the Google Chrome Web Store. After you have installed this extension in the Chrome web browser, you are shown a page where you can enter your email address to register for a free account. This step is necessary for using the ZenMate extension. As soon as you enter your email address and click on the Get Secured Now button, it signs you up for the free account and logs you in simultaneously.

Stay Anonymous Online with ZenMate for Chrome

You would notice the green colored icon in the Chrome toolbar, indicating that you are now connected through the ZenMate servers securely. You can click on this icon to see the current state of how your browser traffic is being redirected. On the left side, it shows a flag of your actual country location, in the center it shows the country flag of the routing server through which your Internet traffic is being routed.

Stay Anonymous Online with ZenMate for Chrome

You can click on the Change Location or at the country flag of the routing server in order to change the server. This would show you a list of servers along with their country flags that you can choose from. In the list it shows the servers from US, UK, Germany, Hongkong and Switzerland. You can click on the Choose button next to a server name to select it.

Stay Anonymous Online with ZenMate for Chrome

ZenMate extension is like a VPN service, only it is much easier to install and use. Unlike the VPN clients like CyberGhost or EarthVPN etc. which anonymize all of your Internet traffic, ZenMate encrypts and anonymizes only the Internet traffic through the Google Chrome web browser. ZenMate Pro is free during the beta phase, but the information on the ZenMate website promises that the regular version is going to stay free forever.

You can download ZenMate extension from

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