View Blocked OpenDNS URL for Any Website

OpenDNS is a set of public DNS servers which offer fast domain name resolution and site blocking features. You can configure OpenDNS to block many categories of websites, for example, you can block P2P or adult themed websites at the DNS level. When OpenDNS blocks a website, it shows a webpage with the message about blocking that website. Now you can view that OpenDNS block webpage for any website on the Internet (even the cleaner ones) using the OpenDNS Blocked URL Generator.

You can download the OpenDNS Blocked URL Generator application from The download is a very tiny ZIP file that contain the portable program. The program is a 32-bit program, but it runs fine in 64-bit versions of Windows. It can be run on all versions of Windows starting from Windows 98 to Windows 8. Because the program is a portable application, you can just extract the program to a folder and run OpenDNS.exe from there.

View Blocked OpenDNS URL for Any Website

The application is designed to be very simple. In the URL field, type the name of the website – blocked URL of which you want to view. You should not include the http:// or https:// part of the website address. After this, you can click on the Convert button to generate the blocked URL. The blocked URL would be shown in the lower textbox. You can click on the Browse button to view the blocked URL page.

View Blocked OpenDNS URL for Any Website

This application has no productive use. It is created to be fun-ware. You can play with it and show your friends how a website is blocked by OpenDNS. You can find the category a site belongs to through the blocked URL. You can also use this app to play pranks on your friends. In the above screen-shot, it is saying that OpenDNS has blocked – which is funny in itself.

You can download OpenDNS Blocked URL Generator from /downloads /

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