Display Removable Disk Icons on Desktop in Windows

If you have ever used Ubuntu Linux, then you know as soon as you insert a USB key or CD in your computer, its shortcut icon is displayed on the desktop. These shortcut icons make it very easy for you to access these removable drives in Linux. But nothing like this happens in Windows and you have to open the File Explorer to access such drives. But now using the free DriveShortcut program, you can have the same functionality in Windows.

You can download DriveShortcut from the TweakNow website. The download is a 2 megabytes setup installer using which you can install it on your PC. The application supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8. After the installation, it places an icon in the notification area of Windows and keeps monitoring your system for any inserted removable disk like USB key, CD-ROM etc. As soon as the removable media is detected, its shortcut is placed on the desktop.

Display Removable Disk Icons on Desktop in Windows

You can right-click on the notification area icon and choose Settings to open its settings window. Here you can select the type of removable drives for which shortcuts should be created. You can select from USB drive, CD-ROM, Network drive, RAM drive etc. There are also options to remember the position of icons on the desktop and running the application at Windows startup.

Display Removable Disk Icons on Desktop in Windows

The DesktopShortcut application is a very useful and productive program for Windows. It makes it very easy and simple to access the removable drives as soon as you insert them in your PC. You no longer have to delve into the Windows File Explorer and find out where the removable drive is. The DesktopShortcut program can save your precious time and mouse clicks each time you insert your USB key into your PC.

You can download DesktopShortcut from http://www.tweaknow.com/DriveShortcut.php.

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