Protect Amoled Mobile Screen with Safe for Amoled Add-on

If you own a mobile device (whether mobile phone or a tablet) and use Firefox browser on it, then you can protect the amoled screen of your device by using a free add-on called Safe for Amoled. The amoled (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) screen is a special type of touchscreen that gives bright and rich display for mobile devices. But it can easily burn out if you open websites with white background in your device. The Safe for Amoled add-on automatically dims the background on bright sites, and thus protects your amoled screen. Here is how you can install and use this add-on in Firefox Mobile:

  1. To install the Safe for Amoled add-on for your Firefox mobile screen, visit the Safe for Amoled add-on page on the Mozilla add-ons website. Then tap on the big green Add to Firefox button to start the installation.

    Protect Amoled Mobile Screen with Safe for Amoled Add-on

  2. To open the Safe for Amoled options, you can swipe the Firefox screen to the left, tap on the gear-like settings icon and then tap on the add-ons tab. Here all the installed add-ons would be listed. You can tap on the Options button for Safe for Amoled to open its settings.

    Protect Amoled Mobile Screen with Safe for Amoled Add-on

    Here you can control the percentage of the brightness of background, whether to change dark background to black, whether to dim smoothly or instantly, whether to reduce the brightness on all the webpages etc.

After this, you can visit any webpage with brightness in the background and you would see it automatically dim out to 50% (or whatever setting you have chosen) of the screen brightness. This will certainly help you not only protect your device’s amoled screen but also keep your eyes safe from the sudden strain of bright webpages when using your device at night or in dark places.

You can download and install Safe for Amoled add-on from

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