SafeIP: Hide IP Address and Protect Online Identity

People think that whatever they do online is safe and nobody knows about it. But the truth is that your identity is revealed whenever you go online. Your IP address can reveal your geolocation, your ISP and much more. You can surf the internet anonymously only after hiding your IP address. The freeware application SafeIP allows you to hide your IP address and protects your online identity.

Here are some of the key features of SafeIP:

  • It protects your online identity by hiding your IP address from websites, email, games, and more.
  • It encrypts all your Internet traffic, either browsing at home or on public WiFi hotspots.
  • By changing your IP address, it unlocks region-specific websites for you.
  • You can choose the anonymous IP location closest to you for the fastest connection speeds.
  • SafeIP is free. It can be used for unlimited use and never expires.
  • Supports multilingual GUI interface.

You can downnload SafeIP from their website. The download is around 2 megabytes setup installer. After the installation is done, it automatically runs and places an icon in the system tray of Windows desktop. You can double-click on the system tray icon to open the main SafeIP window. In the SafeIP window, you can double-click on a proxy server from the list and it would automatically switch to that proxy server. The proxy works for all the applications. You can click on the Disconnect button to switch back to your real IP address again.

SafeIP: Hide IP Address and Protect Online Identity

In the Settings section of SafeIP, you can select many different options. You can enable malware protection (which blocks attack sites), blocking of advertisements, cookie tracking protection, URL referral protection, browser ID protection, automatically run with Windows startup, automatically change proxy every few minutes. The Wi-Fi protection is available only in the pro edition (which is not free).

SafeIP: Hide IP Address and Protect Online Identity

In addition to these options, you can also optimize the SafeIP application for a specific use. These options are available under the Optimizations tab in the SafeIP application. For example, if you want to visit media rich websites, then you can optimize it for fast content streaming. If you want to email many people at the same time, then there is an optimization for mass or bulk emailing. By default, SafeIP is optimized for the anonymous web browsing. The optimization for downloading torrents and large files is available only in the paid Pro edition.

SafeIP: Hide IP Address and Protect Online Identity

SafeIP is a free and easy to use application that hides your IP address cleverly. You can choose your new IP address from a list of proxy servers located all across the world like US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Poland, France, Hongkong, Germany, Italy etc. In addition to the hiding your IP address, it also protects you from malware sites and tracking cookies.

You can download SafeIP from

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