Use Palm Gestures to Control Music Playback in Windows

Thousands of portable music devices available in the market are a proof of how much we all love listening to the music. In fact, music is the main reason why Apple iPod is so successful today. When listening to the music on your desktop or laptop computer, you have to use your mouse or keyboard to pause, play or skip to next track in your playlist. But now you can control the music by just making gestures with your palms using the free Flutter software. It lets you play, pause or jump to the previous or the next track by making palm gestures in a special way.

For using the Flutter software, you need a webcam. The webcam is required to capture your palm gestures and take action accordingly. You can download the Flutter software from its website. The download is available both for Mac and Windows. It supports Windows versions 7 and 8 only. The webcam must be plugged into your computer before you can install and use Flutter. After the installation you would see a notification area icon in Windows for Flutter. You can select your default media player (like Windows Media Player, VLC VideoLan, Winamp etc.) or web service (like Youtube, Grooveshark, Pandora etc.) by right-clicking on this icon.

Use Palm Gestures to Control Music Playback in Windows

After this, all you have to do is fire up your music player or visit a supported website like Grooveshark and start playing music. You have to be between 1 foot to 6 feet away from your webcam for it to work. To pause the music just make a stop sign with your palm. To play it again, make the same sign again. To play the previous track, make a fist with thumb pointing to the left. To play the next track, make a fist with thumb pointing to the right.

Use Palm Gestures to Control Music Playback in Windows

Double-clicking on the Flutter icon in the notification area would enable or disable it quickly. So if you want to use webcam for some other activity, then all you have do is double-click on the Flutter icon. Flutter extension is also available for the popular Google Chrome web browser. This extension allows you to control the supported web services like Youtube, Grooveshark etc. in a better way.

So if you want to put your old webcam to good use, then turn it into a remote music controller through the Flutter app. It can really cheer your kids up when you allow them to control music playback by just palm gestures. I installed Flutter on my friend’s computer and her kids are enjoying it very much.

You can download WinFF from

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