Awesome Password Generator : Generate Strong Passwords

A strong password is a password that is not easy to be guessed, is very tough to be cracked using brute force techniques and gives a hacker a very hard time trying to break into your online accounts. Although you can manually create strong passwords by following some basic rules, it is always better to let a program like Awesome Password Generator generate random strong password for you. The Awesome Password Generator is a free program that can create very strong passwords in bulk.

You can download Awesome Password Generator from its Google Code webpage. The program is available to be downloaded in either the setup installer format or the portable application format. The software is developed using Microsoft .NET 4.0 technology and as such it requires you to install .NET 4.0 redistributable on your Windows PC before you can use the software (Microsoft .NET 4.0 redistributable is already installed on Windows 8). As you run the Awesome Password Generator program after installation, it presents you with an already generated password.

Awesome Password Generator : Generate Strong Passwords

In the options, you can choose password length (by default it is 11), the character sets or type in your own characters to be used in the password. For secure passwords, you should set the password length to be 11 or more. But at the same time, do not set it to be very long, as you will not be able to remember or type a very long password. As you change the options, a new password is generated and shown to you. You can also click on the refresh button to regenerate a new password. All the generated passwords are automatically copied to Windows clipboard, so that you can use them readily.

There is also an option to generate passwords for Wi-Fi which should be of 63 characters long. It can also generate 256 bit WPA key in the hex format, but these passwords are not accepted by all the Wi-Fi devices.

Awesome Password Generator : Generate Strong Passwords

It also has a bulk password generation feature that can be used to generate multiple passwords at the click of a button. You have to choose a text file in which the generated passwords would be saved, the quantity of the passwords, whether you want easy to type passwords and so on. When you are ready, click on the big green ‘play’ to generate the passwords and save them in the selected file.

Awesome Password Generator is a nice tool to quickly create random, easy to remember but at the same time very strong passwords. It has a special algorithm that can generate easy to memorize, strong passwords unlike many other tools of the same type. It comes with a command line version as well, which can be used in batch scripts to generate passwords.

You can download Awesome Password Generator from