Control Autostart Apps Easily with Startup Sentinel

Just like in any other operating system, there are some applications that start automatically in Windows as you boot your Windows. If you have a large number of such auto-starting applications, then they all run at startup and can make Windows very slow to boot. Not all of the auto-starting applications are good, as some of the malicious applications install themselves to be started automatically with Windows. The freeware software Startup Sentinel can be used to control, block or remove these auto-starting applications easily.

You can download Startup Sentinel from the KC Software website. The download is available in various forms – as an installer and as portable application packed inside a ZIP archive. You can extract the ZIP archive contents and run SuS.exe to launch the Startup Sentinel. When you run it for the first time, it asks if you want to launch it every time Windows starts.

Control Autostart Apps Easily with Startup Sentinel

The Startup Sentinel window shows a basic list of all the applications that are set to automatically start with Windows. Their location in the registry, their name and the command line is shown. There are options to add the startup entries to either whitelist or the blacklist. The whitelist is a list of allowed and trustworthy applications while the blacklist is a list of possibly malicious applications. The blacklisted applications are refused to be run by the Startup Sentinel at Windows boot. There is also a removal option that lets you easily remove unwanted applications.

It stays in your WIndows notification area, watching for all the applications that are added to be run at Windows startup. If it detects any new applications, it pops up a message box informing you about the newly added entry and displays its location, name and the command line. You can remove, whitelist or blacklist it from the main Startup Sentinel window.

Control Autostart Apps Easily with Startup Sentinel

The Startup Sentinel not only allows you to remove the startup applications but also makes your system more secure by blacklisting the known malicious or harmful applications. It keeps you informed about the new entries being added to the Windows startup list so that you can make timely decision of allowing or disallowing them.

You can download Startup Sentinel from

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