Hide Secret Files Inside Audio Files with DeepSound

Everyone has some secret documents, if not from their secret love life then from their personal financial life, that you do not want to be seen by anyone else. You can use all sorts of programs from encryption software to folder hiders to keep your secret documents safe, but the subtlest way is to use steganography techniques provided by freeware called DeepSound and hide your secret documents inside another audio file. Nobody would suspect that your MP3 files are actually a shelter for your private documents.

You can download Deep Sound from the Jospin Software website. The download is a tiny MSI package that can be used to install it on your Windows system. It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and requires Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 redistributables to be installed on your system. After the installation, you can run DeepSound from its desktop shortcut.

The DeepSound interface is very easy to follow. On the left-side is a treeview which allows you to browse through various folders on your hard disk and select a WAV or FLAC audio file which is to be used as the carrier for your secret documents. When you select a suitable carrier audio file, it will show you how much space it has for putting in secret documents. At this point, you can click on the Add files button in the toolbar to start adding your secret documents.

Hide Secret Files Inside Audio Files with DeepSound

After adding the secret files, you can click on the Encode to generate an output audio file that contains your secret documents. This generated audio file shall be placed in the output folder that can be changed from the settings in DeepSound.

Normally the secret documents are put inside the audio files as they are. But this makes it a tad easier to detect and find them by someone who has proper tools to scan audio files for hidden documents. If you want to encrypt the secret documents before hiding them inside the audio files, then this option is also available in DeepSound through the settings which you can open by clicking on the Settings button in the toolbar.

Hide Secret Files Inside Audio Files with DeepSound

In the Settings window, you can choose the encryption by AES 256-bit cipher and supply the password for it. You can also select the output folder, output audio format (WAV or FLAC) and the quality of the output audio files.

In case you are wondering, how would you retrieve the hidden documents back after you have hidden them inside an audio file, then wonder no more – its very easy. To get your hidden documents back, you would have to use DeepSound again. You can select the target audio file which has hidden documents inside it in the left-side folder view, right-click on it and select Extract secret files to extract the files. You can also choose Extract secret files button in the toolbar. If you have chosen to encrypt the documents, then it would also ask you for the password.

Hide Secret Files Inside Audio Files with DeepSound

So if you trying to hide some files from your trouble causing little brother, then you can use the DeepSound and hide them inside an audio file. Hardly anyone would ever think or suspect that your audio files are a haven for your secret documents.

You can download DeepSound from http://jpinsoft.net/.

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