How to Backup and Restore Winamp Bookmarks

Nullsoft Winamp has stayed the most popular audio player for Windows users since the late 1990s. The reason for its popularity is its unique interface and ability to play all sorts of audio files, video files and online streams. I use it to listen to online radio very often. You can bookmark online radio stations in Winamp if you listen to them frequently. But there is no option to backup the bookmarks in Winamp. This is very inconvenient if you intend to reinstall Windows or want to use the Winamp bookmarks on a different computer. But backing up the Winamp bookmarks is very easy. Here is how you can backup and restore Winamp bookmarks in Windows:

  1. Press the hotkey Win + R to open the Run dialog. In the Run dialog type %AppDataWinamp and press Enter.

    How to Backup and Restore Winamp Bookmarks

  2. This would open the Winamp folder in your user data directory. This folder contains all the settings related to Winamp that the currently logged in Windows user has made. You would notice two files named and Winamp.bm8.

    How to Backup and Restore Winamp Bookmarks

  3. Backup these two files by copying these two files to a folder. These two files contain your bookmarks in Winamp. The .bm file is ANSI version while the .bm8 file is the Unicode version of the bookmarks.
  4. Later when you want to restore the bookmarks, first close Winamp if it is running. Then just copy these two files from the backup folder, to the %AppDataWinamp folder.

The above instructions are for backing up and restoring your bookmarks in Winamp. If you want to backup all the settings, including the Winamp plugins, then you can backup the entire %AppDataWinamp folder.

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