Check Software Updates with Soft4Boost Update Checker

Windows operating system and some other popular software regularly checks for updates from their respective servers. But other third party software stay un-updated for a long time. Now you can use the free Soft4Boost Update Checker software to automatically check the latest updates for all the installed software on your PC.

You can download Soft4Boost Update Checker from the website of Soft4Boost software. The download is available in form of an installable application. After the installation, you can run Soft4Boost Update Checker from its desktop shortcut. Using it is extremely simple – all you have to do is launch this application and it would display the available updates for your installed software.

Check Software Updates with Soft4Boost Update Checker

The interface displays the installed version of a program as well as the available version for it. It also displays the support website of the installed programs. If you want to download the update of a program, then you have to select it from the list and click on the globe icon near the top-right corner of the window.

If there are no updates available for your installed programs, then you can close the window and check again after a few weeks. A better idea is to schedule it to check for updates using the Windows Scheduler service. You can use the AT command to schedule the task to be run every month. For example, the following command sets it to run at 10 AM on the 15th of every month:

AT 10am /EVERY:15 “C:\Program Files\Soft4Boost\S4BUpdateChecker.exe”

Of course, you have to run this command in an elevated command prompt and change the file path of the program to match the one on your system. You can follow instructions in this article to know how to open an elevated command prompt in Windows 7.

So if you want to keep your third party software up-to-date, then you can make use of the freeware Soft4Boost Update Checker. One of the benefits of updating your installed software is that your system becomes more secure against malware and hacker attacks, because the latest versions of programs are usually patched against the known vulnerabilities.

You can download Soft4Boost Update Checker from