Crystal Security : Cloud Based Anti-Malware Protection

There are many anti-malware products that depend on local malware signatures to detect and remove the malicious programs. But these programs have to be constantly updated so that they can provide protection to your PC. A new anti-malware software Crystal Security provides you cloud based protection eliminating the need of continuously downloading the signatures. It gathers data from millions of participating users systems around the world to help defend you from the very latest viruses and malware attacks.

You can download Crystal Security from the Crystal Security website. The program is available in form of a portable application. It is designed using the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework, so you need to install .NET redistributable in Windows XP, Vista and 7 (Windows 8 already has .NET 4 installed). After you execute the downloaded application, you are presented with the Crystal Security main window. It will connect to the Crystal Security cloud and protect your system.

Crystal Security : Cloud Based Anti-Malware Protection

You can start scanning files on your PC by clicking on the Checkup button. This would scan files on your PC against the database available on the cloud and show you if the files are safe or not. If it detects a malicious file, then you can remove that file manually.

You can use the whitelist and blacklist options to allow or block some of the objects manually. The whitelisted objects are never scanned for malware while the blacklisted objects are always blocked. Clicking on the Settings button would display the settings window where you can change various options like starting it automatically with Windows, toggling the Crystal Security protection, shell integration, checkup frequency, making automatic decision about unsafe objects and more.

Crystal Security : Cloud Based Anti-Malware Protection

Crystal Security is a cloud based anti-malware protection software for your PC. It can be run alongside your regular antivirus product. However, if it detects any suspicious or unsafe objects on your system, then you should also scan your PC with ESET Online Scanner and remove all the threats it finds. If you are a novice Windows user, then you may consider getting professional help from security experts.

You can download Crystal Security from

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