Delete Difficult-to-Delete Files with Delete Doctor

Sometimes very simple and basic computing operations drive us crazy. For example, sometimes you are trying to delete a file and it just refuses to be deleted, no matter how hard you try. You try deleting it in Windows Explorer, deleting it through command line and then lookup on Google, but the file still stays there staring at you and perhaps mocking you a little. If you are having trouble deleting files, then you can try the freeware utility called Delete Doctor. It can delete all kinds of stubborn files in just a few clicks.

You can download Delete Doctor from the Disk Cleaners website. The download is available in form of a setup installer that you can use to install it on your system. After the installation, you would find a shortcut in the Start menu or your desktop for running this application. In Windows 8, you can search for Delete Doctor through the Windows Charms.

Delete Difficult-to-Delete Files with Delete Doctor

Using Delete Doctor is a piece of cake. Just click on the Browse button to select the file that is refusing to be deleted. Then you can try deleting it through DOS short name (8.3 format) or try deleting the file with its UNC (Universal Naming Convention) filename. But if it still decides not to go, then you can use the Delete on System Restart option to set this file to be automatically deleted at the next Windows startup.

Our own tool called Delete on Boot offers a similar functionality to delete selected file at the next Windows boot. This way you can get rid of the stubborn, locked and stuck files easily. Everything is handled by Windows itself, so there is no risk involved in deleting such files.

You can download Delete Doctor from