How to Turn Your PC into a Flip Clock

A flip clock is an analog clock with a digital looking display. Instead of the LED display, the flip clocks use flipping cards to display the digits. Flip clocks often come as alarm clocks which play the radio instead of the beeper when the alarm time is triggered. Now you can give your PC a flip clock look by installing the Fliqlo screen saver.

The Fliqlo screen saver is a free screen saver for Windows and Mac. You can download and install it from the 9031 website. The screen saver makes use of the Adobe Flash Player which must be installed before you can use the Fliqlo screen saver. Although the screen saver comes with version 10.4 of the Adobe Flash Player, it is suggested that you download the latest version of Adobe Flash for IE from the website.

After the installation, it automatically opens the screen saver settings. In the Fliqlo screen saver settings, you can choose the time format from 24 hour format or the AM/PM format. Also the size of the digits can be increased or decreased by sliding the zoom slider. The zoom factor can be maximized upto 125% of the normal digit sizes.

How to Turn Your PC into a Flip Clock

After this you can either click on the Preview button in the screen saver settings window. Or you can wait and keep the computer idle for some time and let the screen saver launch by itself. The screen saver covers the entire screen by the flip clock and keeps showing you the current time on your PC screen.

How to Turn Your PC into a Flip Clock

Comparing with the flip-digit alarm clocks that come with an in-built radio, it lacks the alarm feature as well as the radio. But you can always use the Windows Scheduler to fire up your favorite music player at a particular time. For example, if you have Winamp media player, then you just use the command winamp.exe in the Windows Scheduler to create a new task. At the selected time, it will launch the Winamp media player and start playing the online South California public radio over the Internet.

You can download Fliqlo from

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