Measure Your Mouse and Keyboard Usage with Mousotron

Recently I bought a brand new mouse and I was thinking that it would last for at least a year, mainly because it was a costly mouse from a popular brand. But I was surprised and a little shocked when it died only after two months of usage. The mouse box boldly mentioned that the mouse would work without any problem till one million clicks, which was obviously a false claim. I wondered for how many clicks did it really last? I could never know how many clicks the dead mouse gave me, but I was determined to find out the same for my new mouse. This is why I installed Mousotron – a free software that keeps recording the total number of left-clicks and right-clicks made by your mouse in addition to some other metrics.

Mousotron can be downloaded from the website of Blacksun Software. The download is a software installer that installs Mousotron on your Windows PC. When it runs for the first time, the window for the Mousotron is displayed in an horizontal orientation. If you do not have a large screen, that you can adjust it to be displayed in a vertical arrangement from the settings. In the following snapshot, it is being displayed vertically:Mousotron - Measure Number of Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes

As you can see in the picture, it displays the total number of left-clicks, right-clicks, middle button clicks, mouse wheel scrolls, keyboard strokes, distance traveled by the cursor in x and y directions and the average speed of the mouse cursor in miles/hour.

In the settings for Mousotron, you can adjust the units of measurement, orientation of the Mousotron window (vertical or horizontal), language, transparency, background color etc. You can also set it to be run automatically at Windows startup. You can also choose the items displayed in the main window. For example, you can choose not to display the speed of cursor in the Mousotron metrics.Mousotron - Measure Number of Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes

So if you are curious about how much your brand new mouse is going to run, just install Mousotron before you install mouse and record all the clicks made by your mouse. You would be surprised by how many thousands of clicks you make every month.

You can download Mousotron from