How to Restore Deleted Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox, like every other web browser, has a feature to bookmark the webpages. You can press the hotkey Ctrl+D to bookmark any webpage that is currently open in Firefox. Bookmarked websites appear under the bookmarks menu in the Firefox menubar and provide you an easy way to access these websites at any later time without having to type in the website address. But a little mis-clicking on your part can delete these bookmarks quickly. On top of that, Firefox does not even show any warning when a bookmark is deleted. Good thing is that Firefox keeps a backup of all your bookmarks, so that in case you have accidentally deleted your bookmarks, you can recover them easily.

Here is how you can restore deleted Firefox bookmarks:

  1. Open Firefox and press the Alt key on your keyboard to make the menubar appear in Firefox.
  2. From the menubar, select Bookmarks → Show All Bookmarks. You can also skip both steps 1 and 3 and just press the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + B to open the Bookmarks Library window.Restore Deleted Firefox Bookmarks
  3. In the Bookmarks window, select Import and Backup → Restore and choose a date (backup of bookmarks from which you want to restore). If you have manually created a bookmarks backup file yourself, you can choose that file as well by selecting Choose file from the menu.Restore Deleted Firefox Bookmarks
  4. After this you will have to click on the OK button to confirm the restoring of the bookmarks. This will overwrite all you present bookmarks from the backup file.

You should note that Firefox creates a backup of bookmarks everyday. So if you have bookmarked a webpage today, then that bookmark cannot be recovered (all others would be recovered). But if you have have bookmarked a webpage yesterday, then you are in great luck and all of your bookmarks are recoverable.