Use Maximum Space on CD/DVD Disks with Free Ignition

When you have to burn files to your optical media (CD/DVD/BRD) and files require more than one disk, then you may end up using more disks than actually needed. For example, if you are backing up files on CDs and total backup size requires 3 CDs, then a manual backup may need the 4th CD. But if you organize your files cleverly, you can fit all your files only on three CDs. The free software Ignition can organize your files to maximize the space usage on your CDs. Over a long period of time, you can save money spent on hundreds of your blank CD/DVD disks.

The Ignition software is available from the KC Software website. The download is available both as a portable application and as installed. After the installation, you can run it from its desktop shortcut or from the Start Menu. It shows up with a simple user interface.

Ignition - Maximize Space Usage on CD/DVD

First of all you have to pick up a media type from the left side list. You can pick either data CD/DVD or Audio CD. Next you have to add your files and folders to the list of files to be burned. You can set your media type from the drop-down list. It shows a stop icon for the group of files which are larger in size than the selected media. A regular folder icon is used for the group of files that can fit on the selected media type.

You can adjust files by grouping them together and moving them from one group to another until the folder icon changes from the stop sign icon to the regular icon. At this point, you can click on the Optimize button to find out how the files would be placed on different CD/DVD disks.

A new window shall open up displaying you the number of disk media required. Here you can see the information about the total size of files to be burned, the amount of space used on the blank media and the amount of the space wasted (remained unused) on the media. You can click on the Burn button to start burning the arranged files to blank disks (this requires another software to be installed). Or you can click on the Create ISO button to save the ISO images for the file groups.

Ignition - Maximize Space Usage on CD/DVD

Ignition is a simple software that can help you maximize the utilization of the disk space on blank optical media. It can help you save your blank disks which directly translates into saving money. So if you have a large number of files and you are looking forward to burning them without wasting space on your CD/DVDs, then you can check Ignition out.

You can download Ignition from