Clean Thumbnails Cache in Windows with Thumbnail Database Cleaner

When you open a folder full of images in Windows, it generates thumbnails of all those images and display them in the Windows Explorer. The same thing is done for other kind of files like videos and documents. In order to speed things up for the next time, Windows stores these generated thumbnails in thumbnail database files.  These thumbnail database files contain the location along with the small picture of the original images and can leak your personal information to an advanced hacker. If you want to clean these thumbnail database files, then you can use the free Thumbnail Database Cleaner program which can easily and quickly detect and delete these files.

You can download Thumbnail Database Cleaner from the ITSamples website. The program is available in form of a portable application. It is designed using the .NET 2.0 framework, so you have to have .NET framework redistributable installed before you can use this application.

Thumbnail Database Cleaner

Using the Thumbnail Database Cleaner is very easy. Just run the program, select a folder that you want to scan for thumbnail database files and click on the Start Scan button. In a short duration of time, the list in the program will be populated with the thumbnail database files found on your system. All the files are pre-selected, but you can select any file that you want to clean. Finally click on the Clean button to delete these files.

This program does not have any further options. It is very simple, to-the-point and does not confuse the user with unnecessary configurations. Sometimes, it is not able to delete the files, but you can wait for the next Windows restart to see if those files are gone and try again. If you are looking forward to enhancing your privacy, security and at the same time gain some hard disk space by getting rid of the thumbnail database files, then Thumbnail Database Cleaner can help you out a great deal.

You can download Thumbnail Database Cleaner from