Decorate Your Desktop with Falling Christmas Snowflakes

The snow has started to fall and the streets are turning white again. The festive time of the year is coming closer to us everyday. This is the time when all of us think of gifts, sweets and celebrations with our friends and family members. In these days of festivities, while we decorate our homes, we should also decorate our Windows PC if not too much, then a little bit. How about making snowflakes fall down on your desktop? This would not only match the joyful season, but also make your Windows PC look a shade more beautiful. You can use the freeware application Desktop Snow to make the snow fall in your PC.

Christmas Snow for Desktop

You can download the Desktop Christmas Snow from the Get-Xmas website. The download is a portable application packed inside a ZIP archive. After downloading the ZIP archive, extract its contents to a folder and run DesktopSnow.exe from there. You would immediately see the eye pleasing snow fall effect on your desktop. To have the snow flakes appear more brightly, you should choose a darker wallpaper.

It places an icon in the system tray of the Windows taskbar. By right-clicking on this icon, you can access various options like the speed of snowflakes from slow, medium, fast and quick. You can also choose the transparency level of the snowflakes from 0 to 90%, but better effects are shown at 0 transparency. There is also an option to make it auto-start with Windows.

Christmas Snow for Desktop

The free Desktop Christmas Snow application is a very easy way to have the snowfall effect in a Windows PC. This makes your desktop PC look beautiful and fills you with the pleasing joyous feeling that is abound in the air this season.

You can download Desktop Christmas Snow from