Encrypt Files Quickly with Drag’n’Crypt Ultra

If you want to keep your secret documents away from the eyes of nosy people surrounding you, then the best approach it to encrypt them. There are many third party tools for encrypting files in Windows like AxCrypt that we have posted about earlier. But if you want a portable and faster encryption tool, then you can use the free Drag’n’Crypt Ultra. It creates a dropzone on your screen and you can encrypt any file by dragging it to this dropzone. Drag’n’Crypt Ultra uses the Twofish encryption cipher which is very strong and can be relied upon when encrypting personal documents.

The Drag’n’Crypt Ultra software is available only as a portable program. So all you have to do is download the ZIP archive, extract the contents to a folder and run DCU.exe from there. This would immediately show up a dropzone on your computer screen which stays on top of all other windows. To encrypt a file, select the file and drag it over to this dropzone icon. It does not support dropping of multiple files. If you drop multiple files, then only the first file shall be selected.

Drag'n'Crypt Ultra Encryption Tool

This would cause the encryption password window to show up. Here you can enter the password to encrypt the file. A minimum number of six characters are required for the password. As you enter the password, its quality is displayed in the window (whether your entered password is secure or not). To create a secure password you should use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and special characters.

Drag'n'Crypt Ultra Encryption Tool

Clicking on the Encrypt button creates a new encrypted file with extension .DCU in the same folder as the original file. If you later decide to decrypt this file, then you can drag and drop it to the dropzone window and enter the password you used to encrypt it. If the original source file exists in the same folder as the encrypted file, then Drag’n’Crypt Ultra refuses to decrypt the encrypted file.

Drag'n'Crypt Ultra Encryption Tool

In the settings for Drag’n’Crypt Ultra, you can choose to securely erase the source file, associate Drag’n’Crypt Ultra with .DCU files, integrate it with Windows Explorer context-menu, start program minimized and more.

Drag'n'Crypt Ultra Encryption Tool

So if you want a fast and portable encryption program that you can keep on your USB flash drive, then you can find Drag’n’Crypt Ultra useful. Although its website and documentation is entirely in the German language, it is not very difficult to use it.

You can download Drag’n’Crypt Ultra from http://www.bitcore.de/dcu/.


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    But “It does not support dropping of multiple files” is not correct.
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