Image Tuner : Resize and Convert Images in One Click

Modern digital cameras offer very high resolution images. These high-res cameras capture every detail of whatever is in front of your camera, but the photos generated by them are also large in size (both in dimensions and file size). If you have a camera of 14 megapixels resolution, then you should expect each photo file to be around 6-8 megabytes in size, if not larger. These pictures are great from every aspect, but its not easy to share them online owing to their very large file size. If you want to share your photographic work with your facebook friends or on flickr, then the first thing you should do is resize them and reduce their filesize. The freeware application Image Tuner can help your batch convert and batch resize your collection of photographs in just one click.

You can download Image Tuner from the website of Glorylogic software. The download is available as a setup installer of more than 7 megabytes. After the installation, the Image Tuner program can be launched from its desktop shortcut.

In the Image Tuner program, you can drag-n-drop pictures or an entire folder containing pictures. Alternatively, you can click on the toolbar buttons to add a folder with images or add images in the list. After you have added the images that you want to resize or convert, you can adjust the various parameters from the right-side panel.

Image Tuner

Here you can choose the folder where the processed images shall be saved, the resize parameters, watermarking options, and options for conversions, file renaming and various other effects. The effects include auto-sharping, resetting EXIF, flipping, rotating, adjusting color, brightness or saturation etc.

After you have selected the options, you can press the F3 key to see a full preview of how the settings are going to affect your images. If you are satisfied, you can start processing the images by clicking on the green play button in the toolbar or by pressing the F9 key on your keyboard.

Image Tuner is a free Windows program that can help you batch convert and resize hundreds of your photos in just a few minutes if not seconds. Additionally, it can also add many image effects, apply a watermark and adjust the images to make them look better.

You can download Image Tuner from