How to Restore Missing Windows Services After Malware Infection

Malware infection usually leaves your Windows PC in shambles. Malicious programs often delete or corrupt your system files, disable many important services and mess up entries in the Windows registry. Even after you have removed the malware infection successfully, some of the Windows services may not run and you may get problems working with Windows. Thanks to the free ESET Services Repair utility, you can easily restore the basic Windows services in a few seconds. It fixes, repairs and enables all the basic services which are required for working of the Windows operating system.

Here is how you can repair and restore Windows services using ESET Services Repair utility:

  1. Download System Repair Utility from
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file ServicesRepair.exe. First it would show a security warning – click on the Run button to continue. Then it may show a UAC prompt where you can click on the Yes button to proceed.ESET Services Repair
  3. The Services Repair utility would ask you whether you want to continue to re-installing of common Windows services that are removed by malware. Click on the Yes button to continue.ESET Services Repair
  4. Now this utilty will go on and install many of the common services in Windows. Once the Services Repair utility finishes running click Yes to restart your computer.ESET Services Repair
  5. After Windows restarts, you should have all the common services back and running smoothly.

If your computer has been infected by malware once, you should scan your entire system (all hard disks) with free ESET Online Scanner and remove any threats found. It is also a good idea to install a latest antivirus program on your Windows PC. You can choose many free antivirus software available online, e.g. avast! free antivirus, AVG free antivirus, Comodo antivirus etc.